Hydropruf 100 is a specially formulated anti-crack, integral, general waterproofing admixture which reduces the transmission of water through concrete, mortar and screed. It is suitable for use in all concrete, mortar or screed. Typical application areas include wall plasters, Foundation, piles, water retaining structures, manholes, sewage treatment plants, swimming pools, and septic tanks.


  • Reduces the permeability of the concrete, plaster, and screed, thereby increasing building durability.
  • Unlike coatings, HYDROPRUF 100 when added to plaster or concrete uring mixing becomes an integral part of the concrete and plaster; hence, waterproofing protection is still maintained even if surface damage occurs.
  • It helps to increase the compressive strength of concrete
  • Protects reinforcement bars against ASL attack and corrosion
  • Helps to reduce shrinkage crack development in concrete and Plaster especially in hot weather.
  • Increases the overall workability of concrete during placement

Areas of Use

HYDROPRUF WP100 can be used for the waterproofing of all types of concrete, plaster and screed. It such as:

  • Foundation
  • Swimming pool
  • Wall plaster and Screeding
  • Septic tank
  • Water retaining structures
  • As complementary protection in the Screeding of terraces, Balconies and Roof Gutters.
  • All concrete, Mortar, and Screed requiring waterproofing.