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Finishing Concept


With our experience and our eyes for details, we make the difference in the selection of components, creating a system where all the pieces work together as one.

From exterior to interior finishes, we take extra care in the selection of each material so you can have that tastefully finished home you dreamt of.

Space Remodelling


This service involves putting a combination of our knowledge, experience, creativity, and passion to table, in transforming homes into the best spaces they can ever be!

We work with our clients to truly understand their needs and challenges, as well as their vision for the spaces available, with a view to ensuring that their total satisfaction is met!

Real Estate Developement


We are involved in acquiring lands and building beautiful edifices and tastefully finished homes on them for sales let and lease. At PlushHomes, we build luxurious and yet affordable homes!

Assisted Procurement


We are aware that quite a lot of developers love high-quality products for their projects, but they are constrained by cost. We, at PlushHomes, are available to source these finishing products for them in large volumes and at reduced costs to them at a premium!